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The newest Transformers Games are live

Transformers were always active and now they are super active. Everybody tries to find games about transformers, as their new movie is a complete hit.

We get many requests to review transformer games and tell our users, who are the best games developers and owners on the market currently.

We tried to find cool transformer games but could not find many 3D games about Transformers. But 2D games are too many and the biggest vendor, who offers them are Transformer Games.

So, we contacted to and asked how long they offer this type of games and why they decided to create targeted website for Transformers.  They are group of transformers lovers, who created friendly website for Transformer games.

We highly recommend this games, as movie is the most demanded, right now.

Cargo Bridge 2 – Engineering Miracle

Cargo Bridge is back with the second version. Hurahh! I loved this game and waited too long to see the new version. Now, it is live. I`m big  fan of this game and played too long time the first version. The second is really nice and I already love it.  Cargo Bridge 2 is much more better game than the first version.

In the second version, you will see many new features and nice gameplay. It is much, much more interesting. Your goal is to collect all the necessary items to complete bridge and the level.

You will see here 60 levels with 3 themes. They are different from each other and special for every player. Some of them are too hard, some of them are easy ones. As a pro player, my goal was to complete all the levels, and finally I did it.

Here, in the second cargo bridge you can see also new cargo types, and it is very nice news for Cargo Bridge lovers. Because, it gives us new opportunities and another interface of the game.

Please check out the walkthrough video. It will help you to design hard bridge constructions and will make  your play a little bit easier:


Here you can also use Level editor to edit and organize your maps and tours.

Please comment your opinions and wishes via our comment system below.

The most Impossible quiz you can play.

Hello, I am back to tell  you about the most awesome  and impossible quiz I have ever done. I know that  you  think that most of the quiz games are very  boring and you  stop playing  it immediately after you start playing. But the game I want to  talk  about is so  interesting and funny that you  cannot stop doing it. The name of the game  is – Impossible  quiz 2. I was found of the first version too, but the second one is much more better than  you  can imagine.

Impossible quiz 2 is  a  tool  which  checks  your intellect with  very funny way. There are hundreds of questions to  answer and the  program  organizes them so, that  you can enjoy doing that quiz. Maybe you think that it is nonsense, but believe me it is true. You easily can check my worlds by going and playing the Impossible  quiz 2.

Check your IQ, and at the same time enjoy doing the  quiz.

Free running 2 – Best running and parkour game

Firstly I want to thank all people  who read my  posts and  are interested  in game reviews. The second game  on  which I want to  write  is  Free  running 2. This game  was  realized some time ago,so it is just  new  for  most of  people. Free  running  game  is  parkour  game,  in which you  should  run, jump and  climb on buildings. On  your way you have  to put up as many coins  as  you could manage.  New  version has  better graphics  and  is made in  Unity Player, also there are  many more  levels  and possibilities for  free run-jumping.
You should  control the time , given in each level, because  it is  the  main  enemy .  Also there are a lots  of trips for you  on the  way to the finish, so be  careful and  attentive. I enjoy playing  this game  every day, it is  interesting and  a good relaxing  tool for  me. I suppose  that  Free running 2  would  become your beloved flash game  and  you will be  as  fun as I am when doing  so grate  parkour  tricks with the  guy from this awesome  game.

For  playing  you need  only X and Arrow keys. Thank you very much.

Traffic Talent

Traffic talent -The best driving game ever

Firs of all I want  to say some  world  about  the goal of the website. I like  playing  flash game  when I have free time. I realized that  many of  games I have  played, haven’t  had  good  reviews,  so made for  the  reason to give you  information about  gameplays and  all the  features which might be interested for  you.

Traffic  talent  is  new  driving  simulator  game, with many  great  missions to play. You have got two cars Fiat punto and  Maclaren Slr, It’s  on you which of them you  will choose. Maclaren is  faster  then fiat, my advice is, at first drive  by fiat  and  when you  learn how to drive  then change the car.  Mine  goal of  the  game  is, to pick up  passenger from the  place  which is  pointed  on the  map. You should  be  very accurate driver, if  you  don’t want  to  violent traffic  rules. Know  that there  is  very heavy traffic  on the  roads  of  the  city, so be careful. Don’t crash the  car, because  you  can’t continue your way to costumer.
It’s  such a  driving  simulator, people  who  haven’t  drive  a car  before  have  chance to  learn rules  and develop driving  skills  for  real  driving.  I suppose  you would  be  content with this  article and  also it  would  be  helpful fro you.

Don’ forget  instal Unity Playr if you  haven’t  had  it yet.

Thank you very much fro reading my post.