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The newest Transformers Games are live

Transformers were always active and now they are super active. Everybody tries to find games about transformers, as their new movie is a complete hit.

We get many requests to review transformer games and tell our users, who are the best games developers and owners on the market currently.

We tried to find cool transformer games but could not find many 3D games about Transformers. But 2D games are too many and the biggest vendor, who offers them are Transformer Games.

So, we contacted to and asked how long they offer this type of games and why they decided to create targeted website for Transformers.  They are group of transformers lovers, who created friendly website for Transformer games.

We highly recommend this games, as movie is the most demanded, right now.

Earn to die 3 or Earn to die 2012 part 2

All fans of the Earn to die game should be happy, because the new version of this addictive and attractive game was show up. As a big fan of Earn to die, I have been waiting for it for a long time. My hopes has been fulfilled, because it is too cool one. Earn To Die 3 is updated version of this zombie trilogy. There is much more action, than it was in latest versions. I want to mention the  new parts of the cars, which you can faster to your car. Of course the cars are updated too. Now, you  can enjoy with better and bigger cars, than it was before.

As you know, the game is about Zombie apocalypse. The most of the people have become zombies. You and your friends are last survived humans in this land and you are in the hard starting point of the game. Yes, scenario is the same, you need to try many times to improve your car and join the survived  people on the other part of the Earth.

You should have a great desire for finishing Earn to die 3, because  it is harder  than in the previous versions. I am confident that you will do your best and kill all zombies who will be  on your way.

We have simple comment system, to hear from you about new things you need to see in the next versions.

Flappy bird 2 – Discovery in the flash game niche!

Hello all, I returned and want to introduce you a greatest game of latest time. At  firs i  want to write about the first version of this awesome game. As you may know, Flappy  bird was an application for Iphones and Android phones. It was  designed by the young guy named – Dong Nguyen. He became the star of flash games developers after this game.  Flappy bird 2 is the computer version  of the game. As you know Dong closed the app several months ago and the fans of the game tarted to find the PC versions of Flappy bird.

Flappy bird 2 has the  same gameplay  and the same mission  as the app had. It  is about a cute bird which should go through a green spots,  as many spots you will manage to go as many  points you  will  obtain.  You should remember that  it is very hard game and at first you may can not get high scores. Try more and more and soon you  will  become a professional.

Good luck guys !


Strike force heroes – One of the greatest shooting games.

I have not written any post for a  long time,because I have been a little busy. Now I  am going to write about one  of the greatest games of the current time. Strike force heroes is very addictive and interesting game for  me. It is about a  hero who  fights against terrorists with his brothers-in-arms. There are two versions of the game. Strike force hero and Strike force heroes 2, each of them are very nice and have diversity of missions to play.Both versions have Campaign mode and  Challenge mode. I suggest Campaign mode, because  it gives  you possibility to develop as a player and  get much more fun during the process of playing.

Of course, first version is very good, but I would prefer to play Strike force  heroes 2, because it is  more  complicated, perfected and  have more interesting missions. Also the second one contains better guns and you can do  more complex tricks then in first  version.

I enjoy killing the demon terrorists and hope this  review would help you to choose which  versions to play.  I think you should start with first version  and  then do the second one.

If you have  any questions or want to add more  information to my opinion please write in  comments.

Thank you very much.