Earn to die 3 or Earn to die 2012 part 2

All fans of the Earn to die game should be happy, because the new version of this addictive and attractive game was show up. As a big fan of Earn to die, I have been waiting for it for a long time. My hopes has been fulfilled, because it is too cool one. Earn To Die 3 is updated version of this zombie trilogy. There is much more action, than it was in latest versions. I want to mention the  new parts of the cars, which you can faster to your car. Of course the cars are updated too. Now, you  can enjoy with better and bigger cars, than it was before.

As you know, the game is about Zombie apocalypse. The most of the people have become zombies. You and your friends are last survived humans in this land and you are in the hard starting point of the game. Yes, scenario is the same, you need to try many times to improve your car and join the survived  people on the other part of the Earth.

You should have a great desire for finishing Earn to die 3, because  it is harder  than in the previous versions. I am confident that you will do your best and kill all zombies who will be  on your way.

We have simple comment system, to hear from you about new things you need to see in the next versions.

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