Earn to die – tool of relaxation

Now  I want to write about  one of the  greatest action game – Earn to die. Earn to die  has  three  versions, latest is earn to die 2013. But  the  older  versions  provide  great impression on players, since  it  is about killing  zombies  which are  on your way to the finish point of the level.There are  huge    choice of cars  in all versions  of the  game. You start it  with  poor  car without  good details  on it,  but  after  some tries you  manage  collect money for upgrades, with brand-new  car  you would  easily arrive  to finish of the level.  Main  goal of the game  is  killing as  much zombies  as you could, Because  amount of  money you receive  depends  on quantity of zombies.

It is  very easy to understand how  to play earn to die. For  regulation of car speed   use  Up arrow  key, for bending  your  car  up or down use  left and right arrow  keys. to boost the  car use X or  Ctrl keys.

Lets  start playing  this awesome  game , collect much money, buy  bigger and  bigger cars  and  become  hero of  humans  race. Escape  yourself and your friend from gangs of  wild and  dangerous   zombies.

Thanks  for  reading.

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