Flappy bird 2 – Discovery in the flash game niche!

Hello all, I returned and want to introduce you a greatest game of latest time. At  firs i  want to write about the first version of this awesome game. As you may know, Flappy  bird was an application for Iphones and Android phones. It was  designed by the young guy named – Dong Nguyen. He became the star of flash games developers after this game.  Flappy bird 2 is the computer version  of the game. As you know Dong closed the app several months ago and the fans of the game tarted to find the PC versions of Flappy bird.

Flappy bird 2 has the  same gameplay  and the same mission  as the app had. It  is about a cute bird which should go through a green spots,  as many spots you will manage to go as many  points you  will  obtain.  You should remember that  it is very hard game and at first you may can not get high scores. Try more and more and soon you  will  become a professional.

Good luck guys !


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