Free running 2 – Best running and parkour game

Firstly I want to thank all people  who read my  posts and  are interested  in game reviews. The second game  on  which I want to  write  is  Free  running 2. This game  was  realized some time ago,so it is just  new  for  most of  people. Free  running  game  is  parkour  game,  in which you  should  run, jump and  climb on buildings. On  your way you have  to put up as many coins  as  you could manage.  New  version has  better graphics  and  is made in  Unity Player, also there are  many more  levels  and possibilities for  free run-jumping.
You should  control the time , given in each level, because  it is  the  main  enemy .  Also there are a lots  of trips for you  on the  way to the finish, so be  careful and  attentive. I enjoy playing  this game  every day, it is  interesting and  a good relaxing  tool for  me. I suppose  that  Free running 2  would  become your beloved flash game  and  you will be  as  fun as I am when doing  so grate  parkour  tricks with the  guy from this awesome  game.

For  playing  you need  only X and Arrow keys. Thank you very much.

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