Improved version – Strike Force Heroes 2

There is the new version of Strike force heroes. I am a big fan of the game and have played it many times. Now you have a possibility to play The both versions on our website. Strike Force Heroes 2 has a thousands of players all over the world.

The scenario is the same, as in the previous version, you are the hero, who destroys terrorist in different places. In the new one you can choose 5 type of solders: The Engineer, The Mercenary, The General, The Juggernaut and The Sniper. There are Campaign mode, Custom mode and Challenges.

I suggest to play campaign, if you want to really enjoy with the game. You can play different and very interesting 15 missions. In each of them, there are many terrorists to kill and many things to do. Now, let’s talk about more upgrades.

Strike force heroes 2 has much more weapons and better camouflages than the first version. Also, of course it has better graphics and less bugs.

All the above mentioned makes the new Strike Force heroes game very addictive and attractive. I am sure you will be pleased after playing it.

For moving press W,A,D,S or the Arrow keys. Press Q to change weapons and use Mouse for shooting.
I hope you would be satisfied playing this awesome game.

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