One of the best zombie games – Dead Zed 2

Here is the new version of my lovely game – “Dead Zed”, and I am going to write about it for you on my blog. The fans of the game have been waiting for the second version for a long time. Now, we can enjoy playing it and I want to make your journey better with explaining many things about the game.  Before I start to provide more details, to make you life easier, every fan of Dead Zed Games can enjoy their beloved version of the game here.

Dead zed 2 has the same subject as the first version. But, it is much more complicated than the previous one. The zombie apocalypse is all over the world, you are the guy who can win the war against zombies and survive the people who are committed in their houses or workplaces.

You start the game from your house with a pistol, which is not effective ammo to kill zombies, but pistol is a good enough for starting point, it is always better than nothing. After several tries you will get an arrow and will release from zombies 3 persons whom you can use as – “Shooters”, “Melle” , “Search Party” and “Personal Assistant”.

It means that you can kill more zombies and find more effective guns for killing them. Except guns you can buy C4 and Anti- Infantry  Mines”, they are very helpful when many zombies attack your home.

There also are some upgrades, for example: “Flood lights”, “Stronger Barricades” and so on. I think I covered all the features the game have. If I missed out something and or you have some questions, please write them in comments and I am more than happy to answer you.

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