Papa Louie is back with the 2 awesome version!

Hello guys, There is a new version of the awesome game Papa Louie. Papa Louie 2 is continuation of Papas adventure during the Pizza attack. In new version the main characters are Marty and Rita, who have a usual workday,but suddenly everything goes wrong.

The strangers named as Burgerzillas assaulted Papas Burgeria from a portal and captivated Papa and all customers who were in burgeria at that time. So you should choose one character: Rita or Marty and help customers and Papa- the well-known Chef of Burgeria.

In your way to rescue kidnapped people,you should take as much coins as you can and kill the mutant tomatoes, beetroots and pigburgers. For killing the above mentioned enemy you have only a big sharp Spoon.You also can disable mutants if you would jump on their head.

There are too much levels before you will be able to rescue your beloved boss and devoted customers. Let’s do your best and become a hero of your city.

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