Snail bob 7 – One of the greatest versions!

Everyone is talking about the legendary game, The snail bob and its awesome game series and i’m very happy, because i can introduce you the freshly released 7th version, which has the whole different game scenario and the stunning graphics, which will definitely amaze you with its awesome advanced texture. This game has millions of fans all over the world and now, you can play it here for free. After the first try, you will be addicted to playing more and more to help this poor snail to find home and get back safe with his little snail child.


Snail bob 7 has a modern game engine and unlike the previous games, where your only mission was to escape from enemies, here you have to fight them too. Your snail is more clever, stronger and the developers of this version have created a more function for you to explore the most beautiful world in the flash gaming. There is a new plot twist and a scenario for you, like you don’t have to play with only father snail anymore, because here you have one more character to play with it. This is really fun and entertaining, also this game will challenge your logic skills and fast thinking reflexes, so enjoy it and good luck.


New scenario

Every snail bob game has different storyline, but this new version has best scenario, because there you have to travel in the magic world, where everything is so beautiful and the creators of this game has added more interesting enemies for you to fight, like a poisonous bees and giant frogs. They can chase you or kill you with its poison, so you have to be more careful in this new game. Also, here you have to follow the little snail’s trail too, which is same exciting as the main story.



Snail bob 7 has so entertaining gameplay, which will definitely amaze you with its marvelous enemies and other new features, like the co-op player, which is your main character’s son and is following you until the end of every round. Because of that, you have to play with him too, like there are the missions, where you need to control the snail bob and his little snail baby at the same time. The reason of that is simple, there is coolest new maps, which requires from you to solve more than one quests in the same round and its so intense, but entertaining too.


There is a new feature in this game, like some maps will give you the possibility to give your snail a wings and that is really helpful, when you have to run away from poisonous bees and cross the river, which is made of lava. To do so, you need to go into the purple magic machines, which is placed near to the start line. Also, you have to use your tiny snail to press some buttons for you to open the bridge and that gives you chance to avoid the fight with giant frogs.



This game is really fun and entertaining, because there is new maps and different level of difficulty in each mission. You have to complete the easy missions, where your main mission is to build a bridge to go home, but then in the next round, you’ll get the tasks to play as a baby snail and this is the medium mission. But, the most awesome and cool part in this game are the hard missions, where you have to find a right way to home and also fight the marvelous enemies on your way. This will definitely amaze you, so good luck.

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