Strike force heroes – One of the greatest shooting games.

I have not written any post for a  long time,because I have been a little busy. Now I  am going to write about one  of the greatest games of the current time. Strike force heroes is very addictive and interesting game for  me. It is about a  hero who  fights against terrorists with his brothers-in-arms. There are two versions of the game. Strike force hero and Strike force heroes 2, each of them are very nice and have diversity of missions to play.Both versions have Campaign mode and  Challenge mode. I suggest Campaign mode, because  it gives  you possibility to develop as a player and  get much more fun during the process of playing.

Of course, first version is very good, but I would prefer to play Strike force  heroes 2, because it is  more  complicated, perfected and  have more interesting missions. Also the second one contains better guns and you can do  more complex tricks then in first  version.

I enjoy killing the demon terrorists and hope this  review would help you to choose which  versions to play.  I think you should start with first version  and  then do the second one.

If you have  any questions or want to add more  information to my opinion please write in  comments.

Thank you very much.

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