The best Papa’s games – Papa’s Pastaria

I have not written reviews for a while,  but now  I am going to talk  write about one  of  the my favorite flash games. I like all papa’s games, but Papa’s Pastaria is the best  one from a  very good games. As other Papa’s games it is about cooking different delicious foods in one of the  Papa’s Restaurants.

Papa opened a new restaurant named Pastaria, in the very crowded place of the city. The main dish of the Pastaria is of course pasta, and  you  should charm your customers with it.Except Pasta you should cook many other different dishes and every each of them have  to be fantastic. In Papa’s restaurants always are high standard service, so besides the delicious food, you should have quality service  for the customers.

This game is very good,  for them who  love  cooking and like add different species to the food. You can  become a  big  chef after playing this game. I hope the review was helpful for the blog readers.

Good luck !



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